Wardrobe Style Consultation

Wardrobe Style Consultation - Megan Watson Stylist

What will it provide?

You will have a more confident sense of what really suits you, what you enjoy wearing and how to put outfits together that would suit any occasion.


Many clients only wear a small fraction of the clothes in their wardrobe. There are many reasons for this, often clients find it difficult to mix and match, coordinate their outfits with the right accessories or have the confidence to play with colour.


There may be gaps in the wardrobe and by investing in some new key pieces, clients find that they have more to wear out of their existing and new clothes.


  • Free initial consultation to discuss your wardrobe and lifestyle
  • Style Questionnaire
  • Create a Pinboard to explore your favourite styles

On the day

  • Discuss new ways to coordinate your favourite pieces together.
  • Advice on how to refresh existing pieces with new fashion trends or by playing with new colour combinations.
  • Cleanse items that you no longer wear or don’t flatter your shape and style.
  • Create a wish list of desired items to add to your wardrobe.
  • Advice on the shapes, styles and colours that look great on you.
  • Reorganise your wardrobe in a way that you can easily co-ordinate your outfits together.


  • Feeling more confident about what really suits you.
  • An organised, decluttered wardrobe.
  • New outfit ideas.
  • Greater understanding on how to co-ordinate outfits and add key accessories.
  • Discover the colours which really flatter you.
  • Incorporate current fashion trends within your existing wardrobe.
  • Create a wish list from any gaps found.
  • Guidance on where to find items on your wish list based on your style presences and budget or we can book in a shopping trip together.
  • Images of yourself in your new outfits.to refer back to.


  • The wardrobe styling lasts min of 3 hours but can be longer if required.
  • Following the consultation, you will be provided with a detailed summary of the shapes, styles and colours that really suit you along with a suggested wish list of items you can enjoy purchasing to enhance your refreshed wardrobe.
  • I work in a way that is truthful yet kind and positively encouraging to help you see how the right clothes can really flatter your own natural style.


£250.00 (3 hours)
£80.00 per additional hour